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♥ Dear 16 year old me …

I have to give a big kudos to Becca Grieb who actually inspired me to write this after she wrote her own. Hers was inspired by a powerful video regarding skin cancer called “Dear 16 year old me” produced by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund which speaks about how important it is to take care of your skin and to wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds.  After reading Becca’s version of “Dear 16 year old me” I was inspired to write my own and began actually writing it in my journal. Here it is:

Dear 16 year old me …

Alice and I

chin up … learning with a grade younger than what you are does not mean you are stupid … you were so sick last year … give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself

Build yourself up … not down

listen to your mom, friends and anyone else who’s told you to get into modeling … you will LOVE it with your whole heart

these friends that you have now – realize that you will always love them but they are not going to be your “friends forever” – yes, you will be sad but you will meet new amazing individuals and be happy

you are beautiful … and someday someone will make you feel it

grade 11

contrary to what you may believe … you are not invisible

Dear 16 year old me …

go out and have fun … forget about your caution …  life is an adventure, enjoy it!

Hey! That girl that you’re jealous of and compare yourself to all the time – yeah, well she is and always will be your BEST FRIEND. One day you two will be closer than you could ever imagine. Ups and downs will occur (such is the case for all relationships) but it will only strengthen your friendship. Nikki is your “friends forever”

you will have to endure a couple losses before the age of 24 (family and friend) and it is going to hurt like hell … but I promise you that it will hurt less one day

your dreams won’t change as much as they will grow

you will finally feel comfortable in your own skin 

Dear 16 year old me …

friends forever, grade 11

you will finally meet your “people” and have some truly amazing friends in your life

stop putting yourself against momma – she is the closest person in your life and just because she loves you unconditionally does not mean you can lash out at her … very uncool

you will travel … A LOT … and will really fall in love with whole world

you will overcome your health issues … I promise you … so don’t live in fear anymore

I know you believe that you’re never going to have a great relationship with your dad but you will because he will get his shit together and you will be so happy and proud. So don’t feel hopeless and let go of all that hurt that you carry around. It gets better

Dear 16 year old me …

you aren’t weird … you are one of a kind, original, unique … you are the only you that there is … so embrace your quirkiness. Embrace who you are

silly me, grade 11

in about a year from now 16 year old me, you will have to move out of your childhood home. I know it’s difficult but you will be happy in your new home and make new memories and new friends there … the one’s who matter will make it into the final cut. Remember your times on Dumfries, cherish them, but fear not. The new place will be a different sort of home in a very good way

I know it’s hard but try to enjoy school … believe it or not one day you will sort of miss it

your so called “eclectic” taste in music … it isn’t as eclectic as it’s going to be 

Don’t feel foolish for sticking to your morals

Dear 16 year old me …

you will meet a wise, wonderful and inspiring woman named Pat and she will adopt momma and you as her own family and you will end up calling her “Grammy-Pat” and love her very much. Before she dies she will tell you amazing advice: “stop falling and be happy”. Remember it

at school with Alina, grade 11


you will have that relationship that you’re afraid of having … don’t fear it … you will come out stronger because of it

actively pursue the things you wish to do with your life. They will not come to you just because you “deserve it” – you have to work for what you want. So work for it!

Speak up! Stop putting people on pedestals. Say what you feel. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how much better you feel afterward. Your relationships will improve greatly. 

respect the advice that momma and any other wise women give you so freely … some of their advice will help you out in the end … don’t toss it away so easily

it is not your job to fix people 

fits of laughter, grade 11

Dear 16 year old me…

laugh daily, love often and don’t be afraid of making mistakes 

stop focusing on the future only and live for the “now” … remember the quote from Kung Fu Panda: “The past is history, the future a mystery, but the present is a gift … that is why they call it a present” … in addition to that stop procrastinating and leaving everything for tomorrow

forgiveness isn’t a form of weakness … it is a strength

be thankful for the positive influences in your life … they’re the ones you look up to when you feel the lowest and in the end they’re the ones who always help you back onto your feet

you come from a fairly messed up family kid and it will get pretty lonely throughout the years for you and mom… you will regain a relationship with your dad and his family and that will help but remember that friends are also family you choose (as are your many kitties)… 

my momma and daddy and me

Dear 16 year old me …

your passion for animals and the environment will grow

take care of yourself, stay active … you go through cycles of being low … it would just be a lot easier if you just stopped the cycle at 16 rather than waiting to be in your twenties

everybody needs a therapist … don’t be ashamed that you need one too

you’ve been told you can’t sing or draw … you’re going to prove those people wrong years from now because you actually can do both very well

I don’t really know what happened to your confidence but it will take a while to build it back fully … just keep working at it and don’t ever allow anyone to take it away

{you’re going to kick yourself in the ass for this one} … it’s never a good idea to leave things like hundreds of your vinyls at a boyfriends’ place and then breaking up with him … I can almost guarantee that you’ll never see them again 

the magic of story telling will always enchant you no matter the age you’re at … go back to school for writing, read more and practice it

dye your hair black … don’t listen to everyone who tells you not to … it is the hair colour for you … so just do it!

carla and michelle being some of those amazing "people" of yours

Dear 16 year old me …

two words that several people will tell you time and time again: “know thyself”

you’re a late bloomer and in no way is that a bad thing … you’ll have a lot more self discovery in your twenties than when you’re a teenager

have a bit more faith in human kind … some will amaze and inspire you

there will come a time in your life where you’ll be bitter about a certain relationship … don’t let it take over and ruin the romantic side of who you are and always have been 

keep pushing forward and don’t ever give up

don’t be so self conscious about your fair skin … it’s beautiful … no more tanning or using orange make up to make it look tan okay? 

make your dreams a reality, live life to the fullest, tell a story or two or more, knowledge is power, family and pets and friends are everything, travel often, love with your whole heart, be inspired, create, laugh daily, dance like nobody is watching, sing like no one can hear, seek adventure, be strong, take pictures of everything, know thyself, stop falling and be happy, forgive, make mistakes, make a difference, be you, reach for the stars. 

love life


♥ 23 year old you