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Shine On ♥

I believe that it’s a good idea to reflect after one’s passing. It helps, or at least I think it does. I can recall nearly every single goodbye I have had to say. Some goodbyes were my choice. In my humble opinion the word “goodbye” sucks. It is perhaps one of the most difficult words in the English language to say.

The real reason I’m writing this though is to reflect on one person who only recently died (she strongly disliked the term “passed away” or so I’ve been warned lol) and she was my Grammy-Pat. I was blessed with the opportunity to say goodbye and anything else I needed to say to her before it happened and I am truly grateful for that (the one thing she was sad about was not getting to see the end of the Harry Potter movies). I was even more blessed to have incredible last words of wisdom passed on to me from her. Advice to keep me going, to inspire me, to motivate me, to move me, etc. Aside from promises of success in my dreams and to have her as my motivation (along with quitting biting my nails haha) and reading some of her favourite books, she told me “to stop falling and to find my happiness”. Anyone who really knows me will know how much that statement means to me. It is the most perfect advice given to me at this point in my life. I needed it.

Saturday was a difficult day. Lots of tears but also laughter. I spoke briefly of one of her favourite songs “the muggy song” and did a reading. It was an honour, her asking me to do that for her.

She was one of the most incredible women I have known and I am so blessed to have had her in my life. I will always cherish our Friday night movies, the “muggy song” (+ Alice hehe), talking about Japan, margaritas, dinners and Harry Potter. I love you and will always remember you, thank you Grammy-Pat.

Much Love,


Me and Grammy-Pat on "Debbie Day"


The world deserves to know you. You deserve it too. Don’t settle for comfortable ♥

So for the passed couple of weeks I have been off and basically away from the computer and internet. I fell and gave myself a moderate concussion (actually lucky I didn’t break my neck with the way I fell on my head and neck – I count my blessings). The doctor told me to stay away from the computer and anything that could cause a worse headache … won’t argue with that, head has been feeling like it wants to explode so fair enough!

Before my fall I had modeled for an incredible photo-shoot with, the amazing, Ema Suvajac {photographer}, the talented, Meaghan Coneybeare {make-up and hair} and, the gorgeous, Samantha C {model} in Guelph. Our theme was really based after the Olsen twins (always an inspiration with their taste in fashion). Samantha and I brought huge suitcases full of clothes, accessories and shoes to choose from to piece together some fantastic outfits.

The results were fantastic! I am soooo happy with them! All three of these women are amazing, creative and inspiring! I had such a fabulous time and can not wait to work with each of them again.

lol literally soo much to choose from, how it all fit into our suitcases I will never know! {photograph taken by Ema Suvajac}

the amazing crew {left to right}: myself, Samantha C, Meaghan Coneybeare & Ema Suvajac

Hey, Soul Sister!

Hey, Soul Sister

Hey, Soul Sister!


Hey, Soul Sister!

Hey, Soul Sister!

Hey, Soul Sister

A few days after the shoot my accident occurred and since then to preoccupy my time Sylvia got me into the series “The O.C.” and all I can say is, oh my damn, why did it take so long for me to watch it? I love it! Definitely ranking high in my favourite television shows. I think the premise is fantastic, the characters are believable and it has the ability to inspire me. My favourite character is Ryan. (I always vote for the underdog). The music in the show is also mind blowing. I’ve already found a whack of songs and uploaded them to my computer. Inspire me, please!

The O.C = amazing

Anyways, I finished the series last night and I thought it was a great ending (too soon and made me sad) but still a very good ending! The title of this blog is actually a quote that one of the characters said and it really stayed with me, warmed my heart and inspired me.

Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here we come!!!!

Much love,