Tangled ♥

I recently had a fabulous photo-shoot in downtown Toronto at U of T with Chiyo (Icepresso) and Jhennelle Townsend. Chiyo brought the gorgeous clothes that I wore for it and styled it all herself. We met up a bit earlier before Jhennelle could join us and took a few shots without a lick of make-up on my face or anything done to my hair. I am actually so pleased with the results!

"Bare"... Photographer: Icepresso










About an hour after Chiyo and I had met up and walked to U of T, Jhennelle showed up at the “Chess Room” (the room in which Chiyo and I were shooting in). Jhennelle curled my hair, did my make up and than volumized my hair (finally learned the secret to making my hair full of curl and body!!) Once that was finished with we started shooting the beauty shots and oh my damn, I am so in love with how they came out!!

"Tangled" ... Photographer: Icepresso ... MUA & Hair: Jhennelle Townsend








Once we were done with the beauty shots Chiyo came out with my last outfit for the night. An adorable purple lace body suit, two puffy skirts (one black and the other purple), and a black belt. We went down to the chapel and found a nicely lit part of the room to shoot. The results are fantastic!

Chapel O' Love ... Photographer: Icepresso ... MUA & Hair: Jhennelle Townsend










Unfortunately, the Greyhound at this time of the night comes once every two hours so I had a 9:30pm bus to catch. The shoot could have gone on even longer. The rooms in U of T are absolutely gorgeous (I was truly awe inspired). After bidding Jhennelle “adieu”, Chiyo walked me to the Greyhound and we said our goodbyes. I went home feeling 100% satisfied knowing we got some amazing results.

Chapel O' Love ... Photographer: Icepresso ... MUA & Hair: Jhennelle Townsend













I loved working with both of these amazing women. Chiyo is quite the little model herself. She is so passionate toward getting the right shot and knows the poses/looks that she’s looking for, for each shot. She made me comfortable in my own skin and had me use my hands more-so than ever before. Jhennelle is quick and efficient with the job she does. She had my make up done in a snap and even though my hair has proven a number of times on how stubborn and difficult it is, she got it done … and beautifully too! I felt so lovely with my hair and make up!

Cheers to both of you ladies. I wish you both all the best and hope that our paths may cross again.

Much Love,


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