Who are you wearing? You look fabulous! ♥

Oscars is always the most glamorous time of the year.
The gowns the women wear make me drool and I turn
green with envy. I want to wear those amazing dresses,
jewelery and pumps. I also want someone to yell out to
me; “Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” I’ve been
dreaming about it for years. It would be truly amazing
to walk down that red carpet one year … follow my dreams
and it will happen.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of my
favourite pieces worn at this year’s Academy Awards.

Mucho Love,


Reese Witherspoon (always stunning) ... I love this dress because of it's simplicity. It also really compliments the figure.

Amy Adams (one of my favourite ladies in Hollywood) is always classy and forever a beauty. I'm usually not a fan of these types of dresses but this one ... WOWZERS!

Halle Berry looks lovely in this dress. It's very whimsical and something I would want one of my fairy tale characters I make up to wear. It is jaw dropping.

Scarlett Johansson is always red hot. This dress was built for her. It is sexy, gorgeous and I love the colour.

Mila Kunis ... I love this girl and I love this dress. There is something extremely romantic in it's cut for me.

Cate Blanchette always looks stunning. I actually really love this dress (I know a lot of people didn't) but I thought it looked smashing on her!

Hailee Steinfeld looking like the perfect princess ... dressing her age and looking beautiful

Hilary Swank, one of the most amazing actresses, always looking like a gem and even more so in this fantastical gown. I want to wear it! It's a dream, a fantasy ...

Anne Hathaway, my favourite of all, looking like the beauty queen she is in this drool worthy dress. I want to own it. Everything about it makes me swoon. Also my favourite gown of the night.


3 responses to “Who are you wearing? You look fabulous! ♥

  • Devin

    OMG! I get all my fashion news from this blog! I just love it! Anne Hathaway is my favourite too! OMG!

    • Michelle

      OMG. Sometimes, you are so ridiculous devin. And that’s why I love you. PS you were UP until 6am this morning!

      But katie, I think my fav dress of the evening was Reese Witherspoon’s classic black and white. It was elegant and beautiful. Haha I love her!

  • kikiandrini

    lol Mr Batman I didn’t realize you were so into gowns and pumps yourself 😛 … you’re hilarious!!

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