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An ode to old home videos ♥

I have always been teased for being a “camera whore”. My parents always snapped my photo as a child and growing up. They wanted me to remember my life in photographs because they were not as fortunate to have so many photos. I’m happy that they did. In part it has made me the person that I am today. Model. Girl who has black and white photographic memories posted all over her room. Around 60 facebook albums. Slideshows. Simply put, I love photos.  I love memories. I also love home videos.

Some of my most cherished possessions truly are my photos and my home videos. They are key reminders of the life I’ve lived thus far,  the people I’ve known and loved, and the various stages of awkward growth I’ve gone through in it all. Watching some of the clips sometimes makes me embarrassed at how ridiculous of a teenager I was (alas, we all were ridiculous in our own ways). Some of the clips make me smack my head and think “I can’t believe I forgot about that!” Some of them make me howl in laughter because I remember the inside jokes.

Looking back, it’s a whole lot of fun and sometimes it is a “fun” that I miss.

I suppose anyone who looks back will always slightly yearn for the people they knew who came and left so quickly. When we look back, or at least when I look back, I can mostly remember the wonderful, hilarious, yet sometimes humiliating, fun-tastic times I’ve had with each person who has come and left their mark on me. I guess I’m forever imprinted upon. I have to say that I am so blessed to have some of these people still be part of my life.

Since I haven’t any videos of me from twelve years and younger, all of my home videos range between the ages of thirteen to the present day. I really do wish we had videos of when I was a youngster but nothing will make that wish come true lol. Fortunate for me, I have a strong recollection of those times and plan to write them in a journal forever to be in some form of print. I am happy to have videos of my teenage years though and I look forward to the day when they are all finally transferred onto DVD!

I know that I can never go back and nor would I want to. I’m truly happy where I am in my life. It’s a far step from where I was as a twelve a year old.

Sometimes though you just can’t help but wish to say to certain people that “no matter what the future holds or what’s to come, I love you and I’ll always remember you, and thank you.”

Much love,


PS I am proud to be a camera whore :P! Thanks mom and dad!

summer of 2004 with Nikki and Kayla

karaoke at Meaghan's










a favourite from grade 8 : Vitamin C’s Graduation


Tangled ♥

I recently had a fabulous photo-shoot in downtown Toronto at U of T with Chiyo (Icepresso) and Jhennelle Townsend. Chiyo brought the gorgeous clothes that I wore for it and styled it all herself. We met up a bit earlier before Jhennelle could join us and took a few shots without a lick of make-up on my face or anything done to my hair. I am actually so pleased with the results!

"Bare"... Photographer: Icepresso










About an hour after Chiyo and I had met up and walked to U of T, Jhennelle showed up at the “Chess Room” (the room in which Chiyo and I were shooting in). Jhennelle curled my hair, did my make up and than volumized my hair (finally learned the secret to making my hair full of curl and body!!) Once that was finished with we started shooting the beauty shots and oh my damn, I am so in love with how they came out!!

"Tangled" ... Photographer: Icepresso ... MUA & Hair: Jhennelle Townsend








Once we were done with the beauty shots Chiyo came out with my last outfit for the night. An adorable purple lace body suit, two puffy skirts (one black and the other purple), and a black belt. We went down to the chapel and found a nicely lit part of the room to shoot. The results are fantastic!

Chapel O' Love ... Photographer: Icepresso ... MUA & Hair: Jhennelle Townsend










Unfortunately, the Greyhound at this time of the night comes once every two hours so I had a 9:30pm bus to catch. The shoot could have gone on even longer. The rooms in U of T are absolutely gorgeous (I was truly awe inspired). After bidding Jhennelle “adieu”, Chiyo walked me to the Greyhound and we said our goodbyes. I went home feeling 100% satisfied knowing we got some amazing results.

Chapel O' Love ... Photographer: Icepresso ... MUA & Hair: Jhennelle Townsend













I loved working with both of these amazing women. Chiyo is quite the little model herself. She is so passionate toward getting the right shot and knows the poses/looks that she’s looking for, for each shot. She made me comfortable in my own skin and had me use my hands more-so than ever before. Jhennelle is quick and efficient with the job she does. She had my make up done in a snap and even though my hair has proven a number of times on how stubborn and difficult it is, she got it done … and beautifully too! I felt so lovely with my hair and make up!

Cheers to both of you ladies. I wish you both all the best and hope that our paths may cross again.

Much Love,


Who are you wearing? You look fabulous! ♥

Oscars is always the most glamorous time of the year.
The gowns the women wear make me drool and I turn
green with envy. I want to wear those amazing dresses,
jewelery and pumps. I also want someone to yell out to
me; “Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” I’ve been
dreaming about it for years. It would be truly amazing
to walk down that red carpet one year … follow my dreams
and it will happen.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of my
favourite pieces worn at this year’s Academy Awards.

Mucho Love,


Reese Witherspoon (always stunning) ... I love this dress because of it's simplicity. It also really compliments the figure.

Amy Adams (one of my favourite ladies in Hollywood) is always classy and forever a beauty. I'm usually not a fan of these types of dresses but this one ... WOWZERS!

Halle Berry looks lovely in this dress. It's very whimsical and something I would want one of my fairy tale characters I make up to wear. It is jaw dropping.

Scarlett Johansson is always red hot. This dress was built for her. It is sexy, gorgeous and I love the colour.

Mila Kunis ... I love this girl and I love this dress. There is something extremely romantic in it's cut for me.

Cate Blanchette always looks stunning. I actually really love this dress (I know a lot of people didn't) but I thought it looked smashing on her!

Hailee Steinfeld looking like the perfect princess ... dressing her age and looking beautiful

Hilary Swank, one of the most amazing actresses, always looking like a gem and even more so in this fantastical gown. I want to wear it! It's a dream, a fantasy ...

Anne Hathaway, my favourite of all, looking like the beauty queen she is in this drool worthy dress. I want to own it. Everything about it makes me swoon. Also my favourite gown of the night.